Comic Con 2009: New Moon Scene Descriptions

Comic Con: New Moon Scene Descriptions

Ok SO every one is so anxious to what the scenes director Chris Weitz chose for the fans. So...

When Jacob rushes to her side, he sees the blood on her forehead and thus uses his shirt to stop the bleeding. During the time, Bella looks up at him and says, "You sure are beautiful." Jacob smiles and shakes his head before saying, "How hard did you hit your head?". The second clip, on the other hand, focused on the scene where Alice drives Bella to save Edward.

"After riding in the yellow Porsche, Bella runs from the car through a crowded celebration, running through the town square's fountain when she sees Edward removing his shirt and stepping into the sun. 'Stop! Stop!' she yells. 'Edward! Don't!' " so wrote MTV about the clip. This is the same part I released earlier HERE


  • "New Moon" Panel From Entertainment Tonight:

  • "New Moon" Panel From E! Online:

I will try to get scenes ASAP

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