Hello !

Hi my name is Dustin, yes im a guy. I got to say I love the whole twilight series. I was first interested because of my mom basically forcing me to read. At first I resisted but I gave way to get her to shut her mouth. After the first 20 or so pages it was any other book, you know the bare bone basic plot getting set up. After page 80 you could say I was addicted. I finished the series in 1.5 weeks! I was wicked tired but it was a good strain though. Lucky for me the movie was to be released in two months but what a long time that was. I made it and watched opening night, I swear girls there thought I was gay (I'm not by the way). But now im out to scrounge for any info on the next movie and feed it to the world as I go! So subscribe and stayed tune. I will pull info from anywhere and EVERYWHERE!

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