I dont know about you guys but I was waiting for this. I am rereading New Moon before it comes out, like many fans I I wanted faces to match the characters. I believe everyone would like that. So I got word that there was a picture released and I found it. Enjoy!

Click for larger view!


twilightmom said...

Hey Twilight Guy thanks for the pics. You gotta check out my blog we have almost the same stuff. You should keep this blog it's great and it's lots of fun you'll love it. check out mine it's
I like the 411 very cute idea for a name. fyi there is news today that Rachelle is being replaced for Eclipse and you might want to add David A. Slade to your twitter he posts so many things about the new Eclipse movie, I get alot from twitter and mostly Peter F. also. You can e-mail me I would love to chat.

Twilight Guy said...

Thank you so much that really means a lot. I never used twitter so that will be good news input thanx!